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Nonprofit Optimist

Jun 21, 2017

Founding Director, Dr. Chris Stout, shares his insights from ten years of leading the Center for Global Initiatives. After receiving many requests for involvement that spread their all-volunteer board too thin, the board re-evaluated. Recognizing their strengths, the Center for Global Initiatives was able to build out their website to share resources and tools that would be useful for other nonprofits. These tools include their quarterly newsletter, their Facebook group and the excel sheet that Chris explained in detail. The excel sheet in particular is an incredible treasure trove of information that CGI has gathered over the years regarding which websites are best for different fundraising efforts, etc.

Chris also spoke to the importance of creating long-standing relationships with local communities rather than "parachuting" in or assuming that we know best on how to address an issue. Sometimes this requires really listening and understanding what gaps in services actually exist. Always, it includes recognizing that we're a guest in their home. That sense of deference and respect for the local culture and professionals there was evident in Chris' attitude.


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